Victoria Bonner is Appointed to Her New Role at Sportingtech

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Software solutions for online games are the primary emphasis of Sportingtech, a firm with its headquarters in Malta. Since it entered the gaming industry in 2009, it has been consistently investing in the growth of its business and the enhancement of its offerings.With hundreds of different variations of games to play, your choices are endless.

It is entering into significant relationships with game companies all across the world, which will result in an expanded portfolio. The company is currently entering the Portuguese and Latin American markets as part of its expansion.

The organization’s human resources department gained a significant and beneficial addition not too long ago. The appointment of Victoria Bonner to the position of Chief Marketing Officer of the organization was just recently made official.

The addition of Victoria Bonner is a really beneficial development for the company. In the past, she had worked with some of the most well-known names in the gaming industry. She had previous employment with companies such as Relax Gaming, Pragmatic Play, and NetEnt, among others. She was already an expert in public relations and the head of communications in the technology and financial industries when she switched fields.

Ivo Doroteia, Chief Executive Officer of Sportingtech, is quite enthusiastic about the agreement. His emphasis was placed on the fact that employing Victoria Bonner is evidence of “internal commitment excellence and external expansion.” The excitement is mutual, and Victoria Bonner is certain that her company, Sportingtech, is prepared to take the initiative and become a market leader in its sector.

The Quantum Platform was made available to customers by the corporation a year ago. The solutions that Sportingtech provides for online casinos and sportsbooks are referred to as a “omnichannel.” Redesigning and rebranding the platform with the intention of catering to the requirements of a wide variety of operators was done. New markets include the countries of Latin America, where it is possible to enable integration with third parties.

The Chief Executive Officer of the corporation has stated that the initiative is a part of a “concerted drive into regulated marketplaces across the globe.” The new platform offers betting on 65 different sports and more than 9,000 games sourced from a wide variety of studios all over the world. There is also a more lightweight version of this platform available; it is referred to as Quick Quantum, and it offers the primary features that the flagship platform does.

Through the signing of key strategic relationships, Sportingtech is off to an extremely successful start to the year. It has also secured a deal with Endorphina, which is one of the largest slot machine suppliers on the market. Through this partnership, it will be able to establish a presence in the Eastern European market. In addition to this, the corporation will have the opportunity to provide a selection of the slot machines with the highest rates of return, such as those based on the Joker Stoker, Solar Eclipse, and Hell Hot franchises.

After making such significant investments in technology and forming strategic alliances with leading game companies, it was only logical for Sportingtech to employ a respected industry professional for the position of chief marketing officer. Bonner has had a prosperous career in the field of technology, where she has also held positions of responsibility with a number of industry-leading firms. In 2013, she became a part of the industry that is responsible for keeping millions of people all around the world entertained.

Victoria Bonner discusses her interactions with some of the most well-known brands in the gambling industry in a recent interview that she gave for the Gambling Insider. She focused mostly on the time she spent working with Relax Gaming in her remarks. During her time there, she was in charge of conceiving up and establishing the marketing strategy for the organization. She emphasized how important it is to collaborate with professionals who are both talented and engaged. Most significantly, she is under the impression that she can recreate this condition at Sportingtech.

Even though the contract was only recently finalized, Victoria Bonner is already making preparations for the not too distant future. According to her, the key objective will be to increase the scope of the company’s marketing operations, with a particular emphasis on events, given that they are once again becoming prevalent. Over the course of her time as Events Manager at NetEnt, she demonstrated the company’s recognition of the significance, from a business perspective, of its participation in events that are pertinent to the industry. Playing the best RTP slots in the UK are all available at

In the field of marketing, Victoria Bonner has a strong reputation. In addition to this, she is well-known for the pleasant working atmosphere that she cultivates around her. During the course of the same interview with the Gambling Insider, it is clear that she is pleased with the outcomes that Relax Gaming has produced, both internally and outside. In point of fact, she does have every right to feel that way. Additionally, she is thrilled to be able to bring the same level of excellence to Sportingtech.